General Humanity Lab 3: ANIMAL ANCESTOR

Closing event of blurred edges 2020, Bühne zum Hof, Goldbekhaus, Hamburg, 29.10.2020, 20h

Animal Musicians, Eglise de Saint-Nectaire, Puy-de-Dôme, France, Colorization: Remi Marie

With/Mit: Ingrid Hoelzl (Direction/Libretto/Performance) Remi Marie (Dramaturgy/Poetry) Georgia Ch. Hoppe (Reeds/Mini-Electronics)  Bianca Hein (Tai Ji/Qi Gong/Performance) Yidi Tsao (Chinese Translation/Performance) Emese Kovács (Videoperformance) Chad Charles Popple (Percussion)

Press relations and project update: Chris | Production management guest shows: Anja | PK3000

Project updates on Facebook page

Sprachen: Englisch, Deutsch. Einlass: 19.30. Abendkasse: 15,- | 25,- (zwei Personen)

Die Performance ist Teil von blurred edges – Festival für aktuelle Musik in Hamburg, 16. – 29.  Oktober 2020.

blurred edges 2020 wird gefördert von der Kulturbehörde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg und der Hamburgischen Kulturstiftung.

VVK auf ticketmaster und im Goldbekhaus Informationsbüro: dienstags, mittwochs & donnerstags 15 – 20 Uhr.

Can a “postanthropo-scene” of the living and the nonliving emerge in/as the encounter of anthropology, literature, improvisation, dance, martial arts and performance? General Humanity Lab 3: Animal Ancestor faces this challenge in the form of an experiment in transspecies musicking. In a multi-scenic performance five musicians/performers sound the relation of humans to the invisible and to the entire community of beings through the weaving together of theory and poetry, sound and movement.

Humans must go! is the programmatic opening, followed by a deep involvement with voudoun-rituals and techno-trance as techniques of contact with the invisible, with metamorphoses and hybridisations of animals and humans in Kafka’s animal fables and Animal Qi Gong, and with homo sapiens as the viral chance product of evolution. The performance ends with a juxtaposition of transspecies thought (on the relation of humans, and apes, humans and wolves) and embodied transspecies kinship. Dresscode Animalism!

Still from preview Humanimal scene; Videoperformance Ingrid Hoelzl, Camera Remi Marie, released on Vimeo June 2020.
Rehearsal for Humanimal scene; Bianca Hein, performance. Proberaum dfdk Wartenau, July 2020
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