General Humanity Lab 5: EARTH PULSE / FUTURE EVE

General Humanity Lab 5 was hosted by Hinterconti, Hamburg, as part of the blurred edges festival 22. During a one-week residency three members of the collective – Bianca Hein, Ingrid Hoelzl, and Heloise Francesconi – met at the gallery to discuss and rehearse. The public event took place on June 12, 2022. The English premiere of EARTH PULSE (2022) in the downstairs black box was followed by the multimedia performance FUTURE EVE in the gallery space.


FUTURE EVE is a postfeminist band project formed in 2021 by Bianca Hein (D), Ingrid Hoelzl (D/FR) and Heloise Francesconi (FR). Emerging out of General Humanity’s previous projects the multimedia performance FUTURE EVE: seven songs about feminism, transhumanism, and neoliberalism was first presented at Hinterconti, Hamburg, in June 2021. It advocates the existential openness of human life in the face of ever increasing biodigital control.

The trailer, the music video xenobots, and a film version of the performance are now online!

Rehearsal photo, “SHE IS”. Photo: Heloise Francesconi

A cut-up of technoscience discourses diffracted with evolutionary anthropology and biopolitical philosophy merges into a multimedia performance interweaving art historical and technofuturistic video material, visual poetry and spoken word, live improvisation (clarinet, saxophone, modular synthesizer) and electronic composition. A powerful, minimalist, in-your-face “lived dystopia” conjoining art, science, and (cyber)punk.

Participating artists:

Bianca Hein (video, text, voice); Ingrid Hoelzl (text, voice, clarinet); Heloise Francesconi (composition, live electronics, voice); Remi Marie (text editing); David Jhave David Johnson (text, voice); Toni Belleche (Spanish

EARTH PULSE (2022, 21. min., color, stereo) is a sonic and performative meditation on the geoacoustic phenomenon of the Schumann frequency and its impact on life on Earth. The film interweaves scientific fabulation, in-situ performance and electronic composition.

Screen shot Earth Pulse (2022) by General Humanity. Camera: Remi Marie.

Concept/direction: Ingrid Hoelzl; camera: Remi Marie; performance: Heloise Francesconi; Ingrid Hoelzl, sound composition/postproduction: Heloise Francesconi; video editing: Bianca Hein, Ingrid Hoelzl. Supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media via the dfdk.

General Humanity Lab 5 was a collaboration with Blurred Edges 2022 funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media and the Hamburger Kulturstiftung; the production of EARTH PULSE was supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media via the dfdk.

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