General Humanity Labs

Since 2018, General Humanity has conceptualized and carried out General Humanity Labs on different themes; they usually consisted of a longer research phase followed by a phase of collective experimentation and performance. General Humanity Lab 1: IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE has been developed for Harom Hollo, Budapest, in collaboration with the Gender Studies Departement of Central University Budapest, General Humanity Lab 2: POSTIMAGE OPERAAA!!! has been developed and performed in collaboration with the Collegium Helveticum at ETH, Zurich, General Humanity 3: ANIMAL ANCESTOR and 4: PEAK HUMANITY have been co-produced by the Blurred Edges Festival and (for General HUmanity Lab 4) supported by the Musikfonds e.V./Neustart Kultur and the Hamburger Kulturstiftung. General Humanity Lab 5: FUTURE EVE is planned to take place in June 2022.

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