General Humanity Lab 6: PanEros

Audio-visual entanglement of voices, bodies and a river

Immersive and performative multimedia installation by General Humanity

16.6 2023, TONALi Saal, Hamburg, in the framework of blurred edges 2023

PanEros ~ Audio-visual entanglement of voices, bodies and a river is sharpening the sexual politics and aesthetics emerging with the multiplicity of sexes and the variability of desire:

Eros redefined as an all-encompassing, ambiental eroticism!

Four women proclaim, recite, sigh a Panerotic Manifesto; each voice merges with an audio recording made in the Reserva Rio Guachaca in the North of Columbia: the humming of insects and chanting of birds at midnight during a full moon, male apes climbing and chanting in the trees during twilight… The same four women perform in the Rio Guachaca their bodily appropriation of the manifiesto and become part of an abstract video image river of skin, water, algae, mud… Two live perfomers shift between Lecture to Spoken-Word performance, moving from the plaint of Sexuality and its Discontents to the proclamation of Paneroticism.

PanEros is an outcome of the research project PAN/SEX funded by the Fonds Darstellende Künste and was initiated during a collaborative residency by Galería Sextante (Bogotá) in January 2023. Following up on FUTURE EVE / EARTH PULSE (2022) It is the sixth Lab of General Humanity, an international collective for theory-performance based in Hamburg. The premiere at TONALi SAAL with support by TONALi is part of the blurred edges festival funded by the Hamburg Ministry for Culture and the Media and the Hambuger Kulturstiftung.


Ingrid Hoelzl / Concept, text; voice, performance

Bianca Hein / Voice, performance

Lisa Blackmore, Ana María Devis, María Eugenia Niño/ Inner Eye; voice, performance

Jorge Giraldo Canal / Camera, video-editing

Luis Fernando Franco Duque / Sound, audio-editing

Rémi Marie / Dramaturgy

Sascha Hahnrath / Technics


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