GENERAL HUMANITY is a call for ART as a way of reclaiming and reconciling the possibilities of being, beyond the elaborated oppositions of the body and the mind, of the animal and the machine, of the living and the non-living.

GENERAL HUMANITY is a platform for posthumanists tired of being posthumanist but refusing to compost immediately. A platform for postfeminists tired of being postfeminists but refusing to capitulate to sexist capitalist. A platform for those who know humanist universalism to be a lie, and general computing a promise of liberation capsized into black-boxed apps and data monetization. A platform for those who see robotics and biotechnology as the culmination of age-old social oppression (power, arms, riches) and human rights and democracy as a lie diligently swallowed by milliards forced to earn their living by working, while it is clear that under the rule of capital, the common grounds of humans is extending to other life forms only in search for total monetization.


GENERAL HUMANITY is a call for being a-human, for reactivating common grounds with all sentient beings, for reconnecting with the breathing biosphere while it still can breathe.

GENERAL HUMANITY is a platform for performance, dance, music, visual art, political activism and theoretical research. It has been launched in Budapest in early 2018 where the governing Fidesz party and its allies are preparing to continue their state capture.

GENERAL HUMANITY will spread to other cities soon.


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