Postimage Operaaahhh!

I was walking on a frozen lake… I stated to play with it… but did it play with me?

a swansong on the occidental image; a plea for the image as an eco-relation, for the world as a mutual carousel of sounds and bodies; a plea for the image as a common sensing and activity of fellow beings: rocks, plants, animals, humans…

an „eco-(s)cene“, a post-anthropocentric gathering, where the primal pulse connects human and non-human, where movement and metrum are one and where theory and poetry, images and sounds are all part of the“dance of the community”.

Why assume that the frogs use their vocal capabilities only for mating?
Why not assume that they use it for the sheer joy of sounding, of bonding?
And why could humans, then, not join in their sounding?
Respond to their sounds, sounding for them to respond?

Postimage Operaaaahhh!, directed by Ingrid Hoelzl, co-produced by General Humanity and Collegium Helveticum, premiered at Collegium Helveticum, Zurich on 20 June 2019.

With Ingrid Hoelzl (text/performance), Emese Kovacs (dance/performance), Jonas Labhart (music/performance), and Eduardo Jorge de Olivera (text/performance).

My point of view is a point of view
A point of view is my point of view
Are you human, right?
x. corps communautaires15
DANCE OF THE COMMUNITY “Il y a dans la Cité une métrique du temps, métrique qui est à la fois sociale, morale, cosmique, psychologique” (Michel Philippon, Platon, danse et chorale) 

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