transaction and traversee

On 15 April 2020 I was invited to present my take on transdisciplinarity at the MA Transdisciplinary Studies at the Zurich University of the Arts. I started out with a definition of transdicipline as transaction following the pragmatist notion of the “transactional view” developed by John Dewey and Arthur Bentley (1949). Transaction here, means a mutual process of exchange in which all partakers undergo change. We are in fact part of a large “body of transactions”. In fact,

[…] human life itself, both severally and collectively, consists of transactions in which humans partake together with non-human things of the milieu along with other human beings, so that without this togetherness of human and non-human partakers we could not even stay alive, to say nothing of accomplishing anything.i

i John Dewey and Arthur F. Bentley, Knowing and the Known (Boston: Beacon, 1949), p. 185.

Then followed a discussion of my theory-performance as a transaction and a traversee (fr.), a mutual going over/across/beyond of both theory and performance. My just completed book manuscript IMMERSED! The Image as Eco-relation, co-authored with Remi Marie but formulated in a “generic singular”, is a transactional encounter between and a traversee across the image theory, counter-anthropology, environmental humanism, materialist theory, medieval poetry and contemporary art, imbricating the genres of theory, fiction and poetry. The lecture-performance ended with Postimage Manifesto: Sharing the World, the coda of the book and prelude to POSTIMAGE OPERAAAHHH!.

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