BREATHE – a fitness poem by Bianca Hein

How does it sound, when it enters your –


when it crushes

in to you

in to your

cellular borders

cracks in the walls of your


cracks in the walls of your thought / mind / belief system

cracks in the walls of your


your lung

will there be a song to sing throught the cracks

a victory song,

of an accidential murder.

No, it did not just escape a laboratory.

No, it wasn’t an answer, to a question never asked.

No, it was a chance to miss

to ask

to question, what it takes to breathe

in this world

and beyond.

Bats flying by


inaudible songs to our human ear

into a night of bright blackness.

We can

still breathe.

Written and performed for the duo performance Les biches en ville. Or how I stopped worrying and love the virus by Ingrid Hoelzl and Bianca Hein. MOM Art space, Hamburg, 16 July 2020.

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