Earth Pulse – premiere in Mexico!

EARTH PULSE, shot in October 2021 and postproduced during the winter 2021/22 has been shown for the first time during a General Humanity residency at the Teatro para el fin del mundo in Tampico, Mexico. The screening took place at La Guarda Teatro on 9 February 2022. Thanks to the help of the La Guarda team we could screen it with Spanish subtitles. During a General Humanity residency at Galeria Escotilla in Bacalar, Mexico, the film was screened on 16 March 2022. We will showcase it in its English original version during the General Humanity Lab 5: EARTH PULSE / FUTURE EVE event, which will take place durign the Blurred Edges 2022 festival in Hamburg.

Projection of EARTH PULSE: A Mediation on the Schumann Resonance (2022) by General Humanity. La Guarda Teatro, Tampico, Mexico, 9 February 2022.
Projection of EARTH PULSE: A Mediation on the Schumann Resonance (2022) by General Humanity. Galeria Escotilla, Bacalar, Mexico, 16 March 2022.

Earth Pulse is a sonic and performative mediation on the geoacoustic phenomenon of the Schumann frequency and its impact on life on earth. At 7.83 Hertz it is inaudible for human ears, it affects the biorhytms of Eartly beings. The Schumann resonance can be converted into corporeal movement and rhytm (8 beats per seconds), a well as transponed into audible sounds via a continuous duplication of the base frequency. (We chose the frequency of 250 Hertz, or B3 in musical theory, which corresponds to the spoken female voice, and engaged it for vocal and speech song parts.) Earth Pulse experiments with all those aspects via an in-situ performance recorded in the mountains of the Pyrennees Orientales in the south of France, an electronic composition that links the different elements through a continuous pulse, and a narration that weaves together science and poetry.


Earth Pulse – A Meditation on the Schumann Resonance. A film by General Humanity.

Direction, script and performance: Ingrid Hoelzl; Performance and sound composition: Heloise Francesconi; Camera and dramaturgical advice: Remi Marie; Postproducion video: Ingrid Hoelzl and Marion Deance; Postproducion sound: Heloise Francesconi. Produced with support by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media via the dfdk. © General Humanity 2022.

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