childless bliss for Mother Earth!

no more carbon please!

I’m a tech-human

now i’m free

here in the brave new world

no more animal copulation

no more degrading pregnancy

no more irksome breast-feeding

we hate families

no more classroom education

thought control by remote control

we are pure elfs now

ex machina, ex utero!

ex machina, ex utero!

If you don’t like nature, change nature!

biology and culture finally untied!

Sex without reproduction was for our mothers!

Reproduction without sex is for our daughters!

Close the gender gap!

Outsource gestation!

Cut the corners!

synthetic wombs for all!

ex machina, ex utero!

ex machina, ex utero!


Gene cut and paste!

age old antiviral bacteria technology

revamped for human eugenics

family planning, birth control, population control!


Long live genetically modified humans!

Shame on the Chimpanzees of the Future!

ex machina, ex utero!

ex machina, ex utero!

glory to AI and on earth peace!

NO MORE decision, NO MORE wars!

Custom-made creatures watched over

by machines of loving grace

A life without hazards!

A life without desire!

A life without thought!

Free as a bot!

Free as a bot!

Free as a bot!

The song was first performed live by General Humanity members Bianca Hein, Ingrid Hoelzl, and Heloise Francesconi as the final part of the multimedia performance FUTURE EVE in June 2022 at Gallery Hinterconti, Hamburg, in the framework of blurred edges 22.

Lyrics: Ingrid Hoelzl, visual composition: Bianca Hein, electronic sound: Heloise Francesconi.

Audio version coming soon.

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